Lawn, Plant, and Tree Care Consulting

Lawn, Plant and Tree Care Consulting

Tree Appraisal

Trees are not only beautiful and essential to our ecosystem, but they also add financial value to a property.  A tree appraisal establishes the monetary value of your trees.  This is an important fact to know since some healthy, mature specimen trees can be worth tens of thousands of dollars.  The majority of tree appraisals are done after removal or after some type of damage has occurred, but the best time to obtain a accurate value is while the tree is still standing.  A Nature's Ally certified arborist can give you a realistic tree appraisal for determining property value and adjusting insurance claims.

Tree Preservation

A tree preservation plan is an excellent tool for maintaining the overall vision, health, safety, and aesthetics of a landscape.  Large, mature trees have so many benefits for our well being, the environment, and wildlife.  It is up to us to make sure they are here for future generations to enjoy.  Mature trees are like us. As they get older, they need extra care like nutrients or pruning.  You need the skilled eye of a Nature's Ally certified arborist and certified tree expert with years of experience in tree preservation to achieve this.

Tree Preservation During Construction

Construction activities are notorious for damaging trees.  Even the smallest amount of activity can cause grave and sometimes, irreversible damage.  The key to protecting trees during construction is advanced planning, monitoring, and post-construction care.  Nature's Ally can develop a plan by performing a preliminary evaluation and can monitor the site to make sure plan specifications are being met.  As part of your tree preservation plan, you'll get recommendations to help minimize the risk of tree loss and maximize overall property value.  Protect valuable trees from harm and preserve the natural beauty of your landscape with the help of a Nature's Ally certified arborist and certified tree expert.

Tree Risk Assessment

In our urban landscapes, unhealthy and damaged trees can present a significant risk to people and property.  Nature's Ally's certified arborists and certified tree experts have advanced knowledge of tree structure, mechanics, and biology. We will perform a visual inspection that identifies specific conditions and defects that may indicate potential hazards. With the formal tree risk assessment report, you will receive curative and preventative maintenance recommendations prioritized by urgency.

Hazardous Tree Removal